How to Become a Web Developer

Why write another “how to be a web developer” article? Isn’t the Internet full of them already? Yes, it is, but the last time I checked (a few minutes ago) they were all littered with rambling, impractical advice like “have a goal”, “keep practicing”, etc.

I can only chuckle at such explanations. Yes, they are most correct answers covering as many possibilities as possible, but most of the time someone making such searches isn’t looking for motivational articles. As usual, I provide an alternative: a clear, actionable plan for you. For now we’ll see only the steps involved, but in a future post I’ll add articles that point to relevant books and courses as well.

So, without further ado, here’s how you become a web developer:

  • Learn basics of HTML and CSS. Code simple layouts to begin with.
  • Learn JavaScript and practice simple page manipulations.
  • By now you’re a front-end developer.
  • Learn PHP basics. Leave out object-oriented programming for now.
  • Learn a PHP framework like Laravel or Codeigniter. For beginners, Codeigniter is better.
  • Learn jQuery and some intermediate to advanced page manipulations.
  • Learn about Ajax and asynchronous calls. While you are at it, Google the request-response cycle and read as much umbrella basic stuff as you can.
  • Build a simple project with all this knowledge.
  • Congratulations, you are now a web developer!

Wow, that was easy, wasn’t it? LOL, actually, it’s not. Depending on your expertise level, each of the steps can take you anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get comfortable with. But at the end of this seemingly simple program, you will be a web developer. That is my promise!

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