Pros and cons of the Laravel framework

Laravel is the best thing to happen to the PHP community in a long, long time. It’s a more grand event than the addition of object-oriented features to the language, the introduction of namespaces, or the arrival of PHP 7. That’s because nothing has caused more enthusiasm and attraction in the PHP community than Laravel. Single-handedly, this framework has put the PHP ecosystem on par with Rails and Django. However, it’s ultimately a PHP framework, and is not without its pros and cons. Here are a few.

Pros of the Laravel Framework

  • Popularity: Laravel is the most famous framework of the most famous language for web development. It doesn’t get any better than that!
  • Ease of development: Be it authentication, sending emails, or scheduling jobs, the creator of Laravel has thought of everything beforehand. All you need to add critical functionality to Laravel is to just issue a command and it’s ready.
  • Good programming practices: Laravel provides the first exposure to truly object-oriented design in PHP. For those well versed in WordPress and CodeIgniter, it brings the first introduction to Facades, Factories, Traits, and what not, forcing the developer to learn more and grow.
  • Community: There’s a massive community behind Laravel. It feels like all the PHP developers who loved good coding and cared for software architecture got behind Laravel and now refuse to touch anything else (other than Symfony, maybe). Finding talent for Laravel is easy. Getting help is easy.

Cons of the Laravel Framework

  • It’s slow: Because of the number of conveniences that come built-in, Laravel is slow. It’s much slower than CodeIgniter, and is considerably slower than its own little version, Lumen. And not to speak of lightening-fast frameworks like Phalcon.
  • It’s bad for soft real-time web: At the end of the day, PHP is not suited for real-time communication, and there are better alternatives out there (Node, Go, Erlang, Elixir) that are better for web development.
  • It’s PHP: PHP remains one of the poorly designed languages, and is also slower than its compiled counterparts. So if these things matter to you, Laravel will not seem like a great choice.

I hope that shed some light on the position of Laravel in web development today. It’s a great choice for a web framework, but there are better alternatives out there. 🙂

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