Should I Learn Web or Mobile Development?

Choosing between web and mobile development can be hard. When you look at the Web side, there are exciting new technologies coming out every day and there are excellent job prospects. On the mobile side, there’s the excitement of building things on your own for professional gain and pure fun. So, which one should you choose as a career?

It’s a hard question, but I will make a recommendation. Unlike the many articles out there that ask you to “try out both” and then decide, I like to take sides and have clear preferences. That’s because most of the times, people don’t have the time and will to explore both or multiple sides in depth. And sometimes, doing that is plain impossible. Consider the question: “Which web frameworks should I learn? Django, Rails, Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Flask?” Now, if I tell you to try out everything, you’ll go crazy (among these, I recommend Laravel, by the way).

In the same way, I have a clear recommendation when wanting to choose between web development and mobile development: web development. If you’re confused, just go with web development and you’ll be making a more solid choice. Your career will have fewer swings and you’ll have more opportunities overall.

I hope this helped dispel some confusion for you.

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