Top 5 Reasons to Learn Golang

If you are a web developer, you’ve likely heard of Go. And you passed it up, saying, “Another language, huh?” Well, what if I told you that you had made a critical error of judgment. Go is another language, sure, but it’s not just another language. Here’s why Golang deserves a special consideration on a web developer’s table:

  1. It’s fast: Like, ridiculously fast. It’s faster than any of your favorite scripting languages, and even rivals raw C sometimes. Plus the compile times are unmatched at a couple of seconds at worst. One of the things that annoyed Go authors was the exorbitant build times taken by the likes of Java, and a lot of effort has gone into making the compiler fast. No, wait. Make that ‘very fast’.
  2. It’s backed by Google: There was a time when Python was hailed as Google’s next blessed language, but those days are long gone. When it comes to building stuff like Docker, Python feels like a helpless little reptile. Go, on the other hand, has conquered much of the domain of systems programming (not exactly, but approximately) and is therefore the favorite of Google’s when it comes to networked applications.
  3. It’s simple: Go is perhaps the simplest and tiniest language you will come across in practical life. The basics can be covered in a day (literally) and there’s very little stuff to remember. Loops? Go has only one kind. Pointer arithmetic? Nope. Classes and inheritance? Not on Go’s watch. It’s simple and effective, that’s all.
  4. It has rock solid concurrency: When it comes to support for concurrency, I think Go is beaten only by the Goliath known as Erlang. Other than that, no language even comes close. And when you add number-crunching ability to the picture, Go can even beat Erlang. Yes, I know the OTP is the best thing in the world, but Go is pretty close to Erlang in capability.
  5. It’s fun: Go puts fun back into programming. Seriously. Just have a look at the mascot, the community, the books, and you’ll see people having fun.

Those were my five reason why Golang should be the next language on your radar. Can you add a sixth? 🙂

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